inMotion to place its support behind iCCTV™

iCCTV - May 21, 2012 - High-end cctv equipment manufacturer inMotion Inc. announces its new line-up of new iCCTVTM enabled cameras and DVR's. iCCTVTM is quickly becoming a de-facto standard for Closed Circuit Television systems (CCTV) consisting of technology developed by New Zealand Kiwi Semiconductor Ltd. The technology enables DVR's such as those offered by inMotion to remotely control camera/lens parameters such as motorized focus/zoom and on-screen display (OSD) using only coax cabling, without the requirement for RS-485 wiring.

Previously, this way of controlling a camera has only been available at considerable cost burden to the market. The iCCTVTMsolution offered by Kiwi Semiconductor consists of a chip that manages bi-directional flow of data and allows the camera to be controlled from a DVR, remote control or from a remote location (even from a smartphone). It has enabled inMotion to reach a sizeable market that will benefit significantly due to the time and cost advantages offered to system integrators. inMotion CEO Kai Leuze comments "This technology offers our customers a breakthrough in total control and communication of their installed cctv equipment. This results in huge cost/time savings and realtime control. The iCCTV standard guarantees the compatibility between the devices".

In Motion displayed their iCCTVTM solutions at their booth at IFSEC International security tradeshow in Birmingham between May 14th - 17th. Both companies received strong interest in their respective products at the show due to the rapid uptake of Kiwi's technology. "Recent design win activity and adoption across SD and HD camera platforms has enabled the company to rapidly establish itself as the market leader in CCTV communications" says Kiwi Semiconductor founder Luc Lussier.

The future looks promising for both companies as they endeavour to share their technologies with the market and create the awareness that will change the way in which 70% of today's security cameras are installed.

About inMotion

inMotion cctv Inc. is a leading security products developer and supplier with a strong engineering backbone. Controlling R&D and manufacturing from A to Z - product quality and state-of-the-art technology is part of our design process. Innovative developments in design and R&D centers around the world and intense quality requirements during the design and production process result in unique, high quality products. inMotion products are designed and engineered around the world and manufactured by inMotion factories in Asia - meaning global sourcing of parts, advanced logistics and lean and optimized manufacturing. As an international company you find inMotion offices in Los Angeles and Dallas/USA, Manchester/UK, Frankfurt/Main Germany, Hong Kong, Taipei/Taiwan and Beijing/China.


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About Kiwi Semiconductor:
Kiwi Semiconductor has pioneered the concept of the companion IC's and is focused on security cameras and networked CCTV systems. Our Companion IC's help to reduce time-to market, bill-of-material costs and the size of camera boards while improving product quality and performance. Designed on a robust and cost-effective Analog CMOS process. Kiwi Semiconductor Ltd. is a privately held company based in Auckland, New Zealand. For more information, visit: