PCB Camera Modules

The inMotion CM series of PCB camera modules use the latest Pixim Digital Pixel System® M8800 Seawolf chip set. Offering industry leading 690 HTVL‐Effective* Resolution, Low Light and WDR performance combined with 3D DNR these camera will produce high quality video even in the most challenging lighting conditions experienced in modern installations. The modules are offered in 32x32mm, 38x38mm and 42x24mm platforms, with or without lens mounts and offer a range of advanced features for OEM or custom use by integrators.

  • 1/3” Pixim 8800C Seawolf Chip
  • Progressive Image Capture Sensor
  • Global Electronic Shutter
  • Ultra High Resolution D1
  • 690 HTVL-Effective*
  • 120db Max. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Digital Slow Shutter up to 16x
  • Motion Detection
  • Pelco C Coaxitron compatible

32x32 Platform Optional Features:

  • Bonded 2 Layer OLPF1
  • 2 Layer OLPF & Holder1
  • 3 Layer Combo Filter2
  • 3 Layer Combo Filter + Holder2

38x 38 & 42x42 Optional Features over 32x32:

  • 2 Layer Combo Filter + TDN mechanism1
  • Digital output
  • Motorised lens (Z&F) support (No TDN Mechanism)

inCM PCB Data Sheet Version:2.0