iPoCx10 IP over Coax

iPoCx10 IP over Coax

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IP Network Over COAX Cable Communication adapter

iPoCx offers the easiest way to install any IP device over standard coax cable to your network infrastructure. Used in pairs, one unit connects to each end of the coax cable with the BNC connectors, providing a straight RJ45 to RJ4 network connection from end to end across the existing coax cabling.


  • Uses Legacy Analog Video Cabling
  • Supports IP-Mega-Pixel Cameras
  • Supports Any Network Device
  • Fully Transparent 100baset Ethernet
  • Simple to Install
  • No IP Address Or Other Setup Required
  • Full-Speed Over 150m Cable Runs
  • Low Power – Uses Camera Supply
  • Standalone or Rack-Mount Option
  • Solves Network Traffic Problem for IP