inCHPKITHB Outdoor Housing Kit

inCHPKITHB Outdoor Housing Kit

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Housing & Bracket Kit

The inMotion CHP series housing kits all include a side opening housing and the inCHPB feed through wall mount bracket. This indoor /outdoor housing offers security and environmental protection against the elements. The side opening provides easy access for the installer with a factory installed 24VAC heater and blower help to maintain stable working temperatures while the feed-through mounting bracket simplifies the cable wiring into the housing. The inCHP series is an ideal choice for your security applications requiring the housing of a traditional style “box” camera and lens.


  • Indoor/Outdoor Housing
  • Poly-Carbonate Construction
  • Side Opening Lid
  • 24VAC Powered
  • Thermostatic Heater and Blower
  • Die Cast Wall Mount
  • Universal Knuckle Joint
  • Cable Feed-Through for Housing