Push Pull Rods

Push Pull Rods

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The inMotion Push Pull Rods are handy, lightweight, flexible & STURDY! Use our Push-Pull Rods to get wire and cable into those “impossible” places quickly and easily! Ideal for pushing and pulling wire and cables in false ceilings, under floor channels, crawl spaces, attics and many other areas.  Connect as many rods together to attain the length required.

These Push-Pull Rods will save you a lot of time and money. Tape your wire on to the leading rod and push it to the desired location by adding additional rods (they just screw into each other) or you can tape the wire to the rod (or hook it) and pull the wire to you from a distant location.

Each rod is made of aluminum alloy, 27” long and 3/4” O.D. and weighs only 5 oz. These rods are available in non-coated or coated sets which feature a 1000 V.D.C. dielectric strength coating, which is both tough and durable.

Each set comes with one curved handle pole and a bright yellow storage bag.  Get a set today and make your installations go quicker and easier.

•Aluminum Alloy Rods
•Each Rod is 27" Long
•Available in 20 (45ft), 10 (22-1/2ft) or 5 (11-1/4ft)  Piece Sets
•Rods Easily Screw Together
•Handy Lightweight, Sturdy
•Convenient Storage Bag included